Funny wine labels Stickers

Funny wine labels Stickers

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Funny wine labels for great gift giving    

  • “I’m sorry,” - “Even though I’m a fucking idiot, you still remain friends with me.”
  • ”Juicy Gossip” - “ True friends don’t judge one another, they judge other people... together.”
  • ”New Chapter” -“ Divorce sucks, but spending another day with that loser suck More!”
  • ”That sucked” - “ It’s hard to forget what just happened, but let’s get shit-faced and try.”
  • ”Tested Positive” - “For being over this shit.”

Product Description

Self Adhesive, sticks to practically any surface, Hand applied, 

Shaped: Square/rectangles

Size: H4””x4”w

Paper: 70 lb. Label High  gloss (uv)